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I am a San Antonio wedding photographer with a twist; I enjoy shooting inspired documentary wedding photos. I can generate fantastic imagery that will help you remember the romanticism and natural moments of the day. I believe that wedding photography is best when it is a natural portrayal of the day, so I do not try to control the wedding day, but rather aim to artistically capture the day as best as possible using my own style. Based in San Antonio, Texas, I photograph weddings for 6 to 12 hours. Whether your wedding is in the United States, Texas, San Antonio, or internationally, I will deliver gorgeous wedding images that depict the unique companionship that you have.

If you’re planning a relaxing and joyful wedding with lots of dancing and celebration, let’s talk!

About Me

Hello, I’m Christian. Thank you for stopping by! I’ve worked as a San Antonio wedding photographer for about 15 years. It fills me with dread to realize I’m that old! My initial story is similar to that of many other wedding photographers. I became obsessed with photography as a hobby in my rebellious adolescent years and ended up spending all of my extra cash on camera gear, which was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. People started contacting me about weddings pretty quickly after that.

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to refine my style and working techniques to reflect my personality. I enjoy blending in and surprising people, and I take delight in always hearing “you’re so relaxed!” The portrait portion of the day (which I know most people fear!) is always very relaxed, and hopefully it ends up being more of a wander and a conversation, as well as a nice opportunity to take a break from the organized rush of a wedding day. Rather than a highly organized and staged portion of the day.

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Should we work together???

Choosing the right San Antonio wedding photographer is really crucial. We all have different styles and approaches to a wedding day. My approach is a relaxed documentary style. This means I have as little influence on the day as possible, enabling you to have fun while I capture it in all its splendor, so that every time you look at your wedding images, you are brought back to your day.

I am neither an editorial photographer, nor do I strive for perfection. My work incorporates comedy, chaos, and fun, all of which are important aspects of most weddings. My couples are comfortable and do not want to spend hours standing about getting their photos done while missing their wedding day. They’re also not concerned with looking beautiful or having double chins when they laugh; instead, they want to have the best time possible with the people they care about, and they want their wedding photos to reflect that.

If all of this makes you say YES, then we should absolutely talk.

Don’t worry, I’m quite excellent at catching couple photographs in a non-cheesy, overly staged way, so we’ll still spend a little time to get them plus a few crucial group photos.

So… How does it all work?

I am in the business of capturing joy, emotion, laughter, and beauty. I truly enjoy seeing my couples cry (in a good way), and if you’ve planned your day with activities that reflect your personality, my memory cards will be packed with those little details as well.

I’m primarily a ninja San Antonio wedding photographer. For the most part, I try to capture events as they unfold, and I strive to be as unobtrusive as possible. I may occasionally give some guidance, but don’t worry; I don’t want it to look fake or over-posed.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 | How far in advance should I book my Wedding?

In general, I book about 6 months in advance. Be sure to reach out, because some seasons are busier than others, and occasionally I’ll have a last minute opening even during the busy season. Use my contact page to inquire about availability!


San Antonio Wedding Photographer coverage by Christian begins at $3,500. Please contact me via the Contact Page, and I will respond with full pricing and wedding galleries for review. I promise that everything beyond the initial email will be quick and uncomplicated!


Absolutely. You can print your images wherever you want and share them on the internet (Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.). If you require high-quality prints, I can provide them from my professional print facility.


Of course. I truly love these.

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