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So you want to hire me to photograph your wedding, huh? That’s very exciting, and I’m sitting at my desk, waiting for your inquiry email to arrive in my inbox! But first, I want you to understand how this whole wedding photography thing works, as well as how I work.

I’ve been photographing weddings since 2005, and my style and approach have evolved over that time to become my own unique working service, even if it doesn’t appear that way when you look at the hundreds of other wedding photographers who may have popped up in your search. I’d describe myself as part documentary photographer, part editorial photographer – I’m neither completely, I’m a mix of the two, which simply means that if you book me, around 90% of your wedding photography will be me peeking around your day, capturing the candid, little moments, the laughing, the crying, the drunken antics, the hugs (pre/post Covid-19), and the other 10% will be spent privately with me capturing epic portraits of you.

Christian Margain
Christian Margain Wedding Photographer in San Antonio TX
Christian Margain Wedding Photographer in San Antonio TX

Family is everything

The reason I became a photographer is simple. Photographs are one of the most precious treasures I could ever have in life.


  • I’m a husband (a blessed husband), and I’m honored and humbled that you found your way here and are thinking about inviting me to photograph your wedding.
  • I live for the moment and understand that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
  • I value honesty, so if something isn’t looking good, I’ll inform you and we can make a change.
  • I enjoy all kinds of video games like: Inside, Limbo, Zelda, and Elden Ring. 80’s music: The Beatles, Elton John (I went to his concert in London), John Mayer, Porter Robinson. Podcasts like The Moth, Off Camera, wtf, Song Exploder, and 99% Invisible. Books like The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, and anything by Brandon Sanderson.
  • I began my career in photography 18 years ago, shooting 35mm film and studying fine art photography at South West Art School in San Antonio, Texas.

thank you for believing in me.

let’s make memories together.