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Documentary wedding photography, in its most basic form, is the capture of genuine wedding pictures without the photographer staging or influencing the situation in front of them.

While that may be the most simple definition, there is more to it. Documentary photography is a highly skilled and conceptual art form; great documentary images are more than just reaction shots of something happening; they are as meticulously constructed and considered as any created portrait.

Take a look at any wedding photographer’s website, and you’ll most likely see the terms documentary wedding photographer or street vibe wedding photography used to describe their style. It is true that when it comes to weddings, I will all shoot some unposed photos. After all, no one is going to interrupt you in the middle of your vows and ask you to pose (or at least I hope not!) As a result, I doubt we could find a single wedding photographer that does not provide some documentary shots. However, in order to be called a true documentary wedding photographer, your desire to shoot unposed pictures should not be driven solely by need or serve as a minor component of your entire portfolio. It should stem from a genuine enthusiasm for the style and a creative eye for graphically presenting your observations.

San Antonio Wedding Photographer

1. I love Black and White. Black-and-white wedding photography displays a timeless elegance. Removing the colours from the images loses the connection to the present day. I believe this is not limited to wedding photography. Any black-and-white photograph has this effect. When it comes to wedding photography, however, there are numerous memorable moments that occur throughout the event. This is an excellent opportunity to apply this desaturation approach to improve the image’s purpose.

2. I love Layers. This implies that I strive to give our photographs a lot of depth and create a story from background to foreground, frequently with many things in between. 

3. I don’t use flash!!. In my opinion, utilizing a flash changes the actual lighting and takes the subject out of the moment. I want to capture the actual essence of the wedding day, and lighting is essential for this, even if most of us are unaware of its importance.

4. I communicate with light and shadows.I choose to embrace the darkness and apply shadows to emphasize the depth of an image and draw the viewer’s attention to specific regions. By allowing the shadows to fall where they may and adding it into the composition, I can create a more dynamic and visually appealing image.

5. I don’t concentrate solely on the major moments. A wedding day is generally defined by large traditional set pieces, such as the bride’s entry, the rings, the first kiss, and the cake cutting, which serve as the framework for the documentary wedding photographer. I enjoy getting into the weeds of a wedding and finding a’money’ shot in what could otherwise be classified as a ‘nothing’ moment – taking daily interactions and discovering the people behind them.


I am based in San Antonio, Texas.

There is no limit to the quantity of photographs; each image is edited and delivered to you. I don’t only look at my photographs on a technical level; there’s an emotional component to my editing, and I don’t hold anything back. For a wedding, the typical number of photographs is roughly 800-1000. Copyright for every image remains with me (standard for wedding photography) but you have the rights to unlimited printing and sharing of every shot.

First, email me via the contact page and provide as much information as you can about yourself and your day. After that, we’ll meet, either in person or via Skype. When you are completely certain that I am the photographer for you, I will email you an invoice and a contract. Your date will be confirmed once we receive the signed contract and the booking fee.

Four to Six weeks following your wedding, you will have access to your photos in a private online viewing gallery where you may download all of your images in high definition, perfect for printing at any size you want. Because I only shoot a limited number of weddings each year, I don’t get bogged down with processing, so I can deliver your images in this timeframe.


What is included


A consultation before scheduling via Zoom or Facetime.

You can get as much guidance and support as you need prior to the wedding.

My 13 years of experience and creativity, as well my professional equipment.

All retouched, high resolution photographs are available in a downloadable web gallery.You usually receive something in the region of 800 images, but it depends on how long I’m with you for on the day.

An online gallery active for 12 months. Your photos are in a password-protected web gallery.

Me and sometimes a second shooter. Working hard to capture your wedding in all of its magnificence!.

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