You should be aware of some potential issues you face if you book an unprepared photographer. You could lose all of your photos. Equipment can become damaged or fail on site. So how do I completely avoid these and many other potential risks?

  • I only use the very best equipment, most reliable memory cards, and hard drives. I take every measure possible to make sure your images are always safe
  • I bring two Nikon Z7 II cameras to your wedding. If one camera fails, I have a back-up of the same high quality.
  • My cameras feature dual memory card slots. Every image I take is simultaneously recorded on two separate memory cards. So every photo I capture is backed-up immediately!
  • When I get to my office, I transfer all of your images to my HardDrives set up as RAID, back them up online with Backblaze
  • If any of my equipment fails, I have a back-up ready to use.