So, if you’ve made it this far, I’m assuming you’ve looked over my portfolio and enjoyed what you saw. Hurray! However, hiring me comes with a few additional benefits.



I have years of experience, so I know exactly what is required on a wedding day: a calm demeanor and a keen eye for detail. It’s like having an extra pair of hands on deck when I’m around. I keep things cool and know where and when to be. In fact, I’m frequently mistaken for a visitor with a camera! That’s a fantastic indication.



Booking the appropriate photographer is critical because, unlike your florist or hair and makeup artist, your photographer will be interacting with your guests. If you have someone who is cranky, likes the sound of their own voice, or worse, has their own precise vision for your day, you may become upset with them. A excellent photographer blends in with your guests, remaining friendly while remaining unobtrusive.
I can assure you that I possess both of these attributes in plenty! Plus, I love weddings. They are my happy place (which is convenient).



I have a background in project management, so I have everything you need to run your wedding photography like a well-oiled machine. I’ve got client management software, backup systems, and digital reminders up my sleeve. I also provide you complete access to your own client portal, which will help us stay organized, and I hand-finish every photograph before displaying it in the market’s sleekest online gallery. If you want an album, I can create the most stunning fine art bound albums you’ve ever seen!



When I’m behind the camera, I’m looking for candid moments, bursts of laughter, happy tears, and unique dance steps. Along with portraits, you’ll have a diverse and vibrant selection of docu-style images of your guests and the riotously fun time they’re having on your wedding day. When you look through your gallery, you should be brought back to that wonderful day; they should make you smile every time you see them.
As an introvert, I understand how you can feel in front of the camera; there will be no awkward, cringy, or stiff poses. I want you to be yourself, with a little help from me to feel at peace!

What you get 

  • A personalized experience, including a meeting or a video consultation
  • A sleek, beautiful online gallery with 600-900+ hand-edited photographs to share with family and friends, download or buy extra prints
  • High resolution and web ready photos for instant online sharing
  • One or two awesome and experienced photographers 
  • Unlimited personal license to print, download and copy images with no watermarks


The person you choose to hire as your photographer is definitely one of the most important vendors while planning your wedding. After your wedding day, and you are back from your honeymoon, the pictures and your marriage are what will last forever. Photography is an investment and I want to create your visual legacy.



We’ve done it a few times, but we’re guessing you haven’t. We also understand that researching wedding photographers and their pricing can be a challenging task, so we’re going to make it as simple as possible for you. 

Starting here and then adding anything else you might want after that. Easy.

  • 10 hours coverage
  • Around 700 images fully edited
  • Online Gallery for 12 months

The add-ons

Coverage Until Midnight


Extend our stay until the last man’s standing at midnight and capture every sweaty, joy filled dancefloor moment. Pro Tip: The last dance of the night is almost always better than the first dance.

Second Photographer


Groom prep, increased coverage, more angles and perspectives, an eye for detail and a second pair of eyes come crucial moments such as the ceremony, speeches and portraits.

Engagement Shoots


It’s a simple warm up. A really lovely couple of hours having a practice go to either settle some nerves or just to wring every last beautiful drop out of your engagement.