My Workflow

If you are wondering how I save the photos right after finishing the wedding, here is a brief explanation. 

When backing up the images, there are a number of steps and some automation. The most significant aspect of the process, though, is redundancy. 

1- I use two Nikon cameras with twin card slots. What does this mean?  During the wedding, the camera is already making two copies on two distinct cards.

2- When I arrive home, I import all of the wedding images into Lightroom on my computer. Light will now generate smart previews (small JPGs) and copy the RAW files to two external hard drives. 

A) The RAW files will be stored on my 36 GB external raid hard drive. 

B) My portable 4TB will hold a copy of the wedding I am currently editing.

C) My MacBook Pro will only keep smart previews. These are Lightroom-editable files. 

3- This is my plan Z in the case of a humongous tragedy and I am unable to access any of my other million back ups. My online backup system is provided by Backblaze. It will make an online backup of my complete computer as well as any hard drives that are connected to it. This is activity happening in the background 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4- After completing a wedding, I will export the JPGs and upload them to two different platforms.

A) For final JPEG backups, I use iCloud. This will provide me access to all of my images from any computer, iPhone, iPad or browser. When I have access to my whole library from my iCloud drive, it is easy to upload files from my phone or any other device.

B) To deliver the images to the clients, I upload them to an online gallery site. Clients can download, share, and order prints from this page.